A tribute to Raymond College and its legacies

Nov. 25, 2013

John Charles Dyer: 11/22/1948 - 11/21/2013

Sir James Barrie said, "To die must be an awfully big adventure." John Charles Dyer, he with the elegant mind, has now preceded many of us on the great adventure – "second star to the right and straight on 'til morning."

With great sadness, we note that our dear friend John (or Charlie, as we knew him at school) - Raymond graduate, McGeorge Law School trained attorney, and a founding father of the Raymond Phoenix Institute – died on November 21, 2013 in Lytham, St. Anne's, England. John left us just a day short of his 65th birthday after a several month struggle against aggressive brain cancer. According to his family, John remained cheerful throughout his illness. He leaves behind his wife Victoria Buchan, and grown children Ed Dyer and Jessica Dyer.

Many of us met John when he arrived at Raymond College in 1966 from deep in the California central valley. Even as a young college student, John had twinkling eyes, a cherubic smile, and an infectious laugh. He also possessed a keen analytical insight into everything that interested him.

During the subsequent years, John enrolled in and graduated from McGeorge Law School, then worked as an attorney in public service for over 34 years, with 17 years as state-level policy counsel. He eventually completed his career as Chief Counsel to the California Department of Food and Agriculture. John's "elegant mind" made him a canny observer of political posturing and gave him an acute insight into the workings of government. He was known for his discerning analysis, his wit and way with words.

John played a pivotal role in the founding of the Raymond Phoenix Institute (RPI), the non-profit entity which maintains a list of student and faculty information, hosts the Raymond List Serve and the website, and hosts the alumni reunions. Our ability to easily locate each other, maintain a dialogue, and maintain the Raymond culture and tradition is due in large part to John's vision and tenacity.

After retiring from state service, John moved to Florida where he shared an apartment with his son Ed while Ed completed law school. During that time, John wrote a daily journal – his "Notes to Self" – which he shared with many former colleagues and Raymond friends. He became immersed in amateur photography and started posting his photos on Flickr.

While wandering through Flickr, John met and became acquainted with Victoria Buchan. They corresponded, fell in love, and decided to marry. John's next legal adventure became the acquisition of dual citizenship, reflecting his birth in Bermuda. He persevered, and moved to England to be with Vicky. They had been wed approximately two years before his death.

There was no one like John. We will miss him tremendously.


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