Raymond Phoenix Institute
Board Report

Report from the Board

The Raymond Phoenix Institute (RPI) was incorporated in January 2006 to help Raymond College alumni, faculty, and associates connect with old friends, meet other alumni, coordinate events, find resources, develop educational programs, and engage in ongoing dialogues. It’s our personal, private alumni association.

RPI serves as the business entity for the Raymond community. It raises and manages money, provides financial support and direction for the www.RaymondCollege.org website and reflects the needs and interests of the Raymond community. RPI facilitates communications among Raymond alumni including locating addresses for missing faculty and alumni, maintaining databases and email address lists, creating a searchable list of faculty and alumni, and creating a streamlined mechanism for helping alumni contact each other while maintaining confidentiality of addresses.

The most popular activities sponsored by RPI focus on helping Raymond alumni locate and talk to each other. RPI hosts a weekend-long Raymond Reunion every other year, and small one-day get-togethers during the alternate years. The last formal Raymond Reunion was in 2013.

In addition to the well-attended reunions, RPI hosts a lively email discussion group with wide-ranging conversations. To join the discussion group, please subscribe at raymondcollege.org/mailman/listinfo/common_room2_raymondcollege.org – while a moderator can create an account for you, creating your own account allows you the options of setting your own password and preferences. A moderator will then approve your subscription, and you will be on the listserver.

Current RPI projects include:

  • Management of the Raymond College.org website;
  • Management of the email discussion group;
  • Developing alumni and faculty profiles for posting on the website;
  • Sponsoring a Raymond history project, including development of a bibliography of books and articles about the college and publications by alumni and faculty;
  • Facilitating educational partnerships with existing educational institutions, notably an upcoming partnership with McGeorge School of Law.

Helpful Documents

Goals 9-10-06.doc  RPI Plan 11-06.doc  Database Rules.doc