Raymond Alumni & Associates Database

To Add Your Name

You can add your name to just the database, or to this site, but there are good reasons to do both. People are meeting, helping, dating, and working together. The best way to connect with old friends is to have your name both on the database and on this site (because, if someone were trying to contact you, your name would come up on a Search Engine inquiry, and they could have an email forwarded to you).
      To add your name to the database, email
      To add your name to the list on this site, email the site's Webmaster,

Due to both spam and privacy concerns, there are no plans to ever list email addresses on this website. Nor will physical addresses ever be listed. Additionally, no information on this list is shared with UOP.
      Further, this is an "opt-in" list. You have to specifically tell the Webmaster that you want your name on this page before it is listed.
      Again due to privacy concerns, women's married names will not be listed on this page unless when you "opt in" you specifically tell the site's Webmaster that you want your married name listed too.