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The Raymond "Common Room" Discussion List

Get and send email postings to other Raymondites. This is a free-roaming discussion list made available by our Raymond Phoenix Institute. You'll use your own preferred email account to post messages and read those from other Raymond community members. To sign up for posting permission and forwarding of new posts, go to this page and sign yourself up. (The request will go to the Moderator for confirmation, which may take a couple of days.) The same page can also be used to change your email address or password later on, or to unsubscribe from the list. It is one-stop shopping.

Once your request is confirmed the Mailman listserv program will send you a confirmation email. You must reply to this email for your account to be activated. (If you don't receive a confirmation email, please check your Junk/Spam/Trash folders!)

Feel free to bring up any subject that you would like to discuss into the wee small hours in the Common Room - or in the Great Hall, or the Quad, or even in a classroom...This is a great way to stay in contact with old friends as well as make a few new ones.

If you do not start receiving list posts after signing up, here's the scoop:

A significant percentage of new signups report that they are not receiving posts after being approved. *99%* of the time they are, but the posts are going to their Junk/Spam/Trash folders. So if you don't see any emails from Raymond, please check those folders.

WHY are the messages being junked? Usually, because they come from what your ISP or email client recognizes as a mail list -- nothing we can do to hide that fact -- considers them suspicious, and junks them.

Normally this can be solved by marking the first dozen "not junk", and then your ISP or email client will start directing the emails to your Inbox. This does not always work with AOL, Yahoo!, or SBC email accounts, which can be troublesome. Any of these of these email services could persist in junking emails from the mail list, and AOL has been known to simply delete them without notifiying either the recipient or the sender.

The solution for most people has been to create a Gmail account, and that seems to end the problems right there. (There is nothing we can do at our end about AOL/Yahoo!/SBC foibles -- these are broad Internet issues beyond our control.)

If you have any other difficulties, please email