History of Raymond Phoenix Institute

The Raymond Phoenix Institute

The Raymond Phoenix Insitute has been developing for decades. Many different alumni, professors, and others have contributed their thoughts and ideas, their skills and training, their efforts, and even their cold hard cash to the cause. For yeoperson's labor, some of it stretching back into the '80s, (and only a partial list) in alphabetic order: Quincy Bragg, Paula Britton, Nick Carroll, John "Charlie" Dyer, Adam Englund, Greg Finnegan, Sandra G. de Alcuaz, Jan Galt, Robert Heyrle, Mark Hyjek, Christian Jutt, Karen Larson, Mary MacDonald, Wendi Burnette Maxwell, Jan Galt Sherwood, Carole Nelson Somsel, Bob Sullens, Iris Preece, Tom Preece, David Wellenbrock, John Williams. Please forward any inadvertant omissions.


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