Listserve Policy and Etiquette

Listserve Policy

By subscribing to the RPI Listserve you are confirming that you have read and agree to the following terms of RPI’s Listserve Policy:
• Use of the list for illegal activities is strictly prohibited.
• Posts must comply with copyright laws.
• Posting of hateful, pornographic, libelous or threatening material is forbidden.
• Inconsiderate behavior will not be tolerated.
• Links to outside resources are allowed if they otherwise comply with our Listserve Policies.

Listserve Etiquette

• Be considerate of the other members.
• Personal conversations or exchanges are best kept for private e-mails.
• People have varying opinions and tolerance must be practiced by all.
• Be patient. Most of us have different expectations in regard to the internet.
• Be forgiving of unintentional misunderstandings or discourtesies.
• Limit the size of the message and/or attachments.
• Limit the number of messages per day.

The list monitors have the authority of the RPI Board of Directors to use their judgement in deciding if and when a member violates the RPI's Listserve Policy and Etiquette and what remedy is appropriate, including being privately reprimanded or temporarily unsubscribed. Repeated failure to comply with the RPI's Listserve Policy and Etiquette may result in the permanent revocation of a member's list participation privileges. A member of the listserve can appeal to the RPI Board if they disagree with a decision of a list monitor.