Mission and Bylaws


RPI Bylaws (.pdf)

Raymond Phoenix Institute is a non-profit corporation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Raymond Phoenix Institute Mission Statement

Focus on Community

In the interest of preserving the culture, vision and community of Raymond College a group of alumni and faculty met formally in 2004 and established the nonprofit Raymond Phoenix Institute. Its culture, values, vision, mission and immediate goals are specified in this document and were approved by its Board for review by the greater Raymond College membership at their annual reunion in September 2006.


The Raymond Phoenix Institute is an intentional community committed to interdisciplinary learning, academic exploration and service to the greater Raymond College alumni, faculty and friends. Raymond Phoenix Institute arose from the open, ethical and caring Raymond College community. It promotes dialogue, respect, intellectual exploration, rigor and civility among its members. Our community values intellectual vitality, the well-being of its members and service to our larger communities.


The community values:
Intellectual vitality and rigor
Academic freedom, dialogue and the free exchange of ideas
Interdisciplinary analysis, dialogue and research
An ethical, respectful, caring and diverse community
The well being of Raymond College alumni, faculty, associates and partners
Service to the citizens of our communities and the larger human community


The Raymond Phoenix Institute will be the nation’s finest incubator of interdisciplinary exploration and discipline based in a virtual community.

Mission Statement

The Raymond Phoenix Institute is a nonprofit institution committed to insuring dialogue and the exchange of intellectual ideas, opinions, experiences and pursuits among its members. It promotes dynamic and critical analysis, founded on the history and tradition of Raymond College and its liberal arts curriculum and interdisciplinary study. Its history is further characterized by excellence in teaching, scholarship and service. Programs incorporate networking, daily internet dialogue, annual events, interface with UOP, maintenance of Raymond College history, research and service to individuals and our greater Raymond community throughout the state, the nation and the world.

Approved by the Raymond community at the Raymond Reunion on Sept 30, 2006


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